"When life gives you opportunity, give every opportunity life!"

About Me

Jon Hayden   AEA* AFTRA * SAG
SAG-AFTRA 2nd Vice President 2014-2017
AFTRA Atlanta Local President 2011-2013
SAG Georgia Council Member-at-Large  2009-2013
I am a professional actor for over 40 years. I have performed in over 10 states and 3 continents. I have had a variety of roles , juvenile, teen,younger leading man and leading man. At this point in my career I am being seen for older character dad, lawyer, CEO, professor's and character role's as well as younger 40+ leading roles.

My agent Kathy Hardegree has retired after many years of working in the Film and Television industry.I wish her the most successful retirement! Atlanta Models and Talent is now run by Sarah Carpenter and Susan G Reid. They are working very hard on not only representing me in Film and Television projects as well as commercial and Print projects, but they are advocating and negotiating the varied and complex contracts under which we work under. They list my playing range for film at 42-56.
I am a self-starter and team player who work's well under pressure.

I have the motivation and experience to fill the part with real life essence.

"Places everyone"
Jon Hayden is also a member of the Board of Directors and Associate Actor of
Metropolis Theater: Dimov Founding Director
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