"When life gives you opportunity, give every opportunity life!"


Jon began his training in 1973 on the job as Herman Thurber in "Jabberwocky" LORT D Mainstage Alliance Theater- Atlanta.

A positive and nurturing Drama program at Atlanta's The Lovett School. Jon performed in 21 shows during the 4 year period. As well as summer stock during the final two years.

Applied and accepted  to Boston University, S.M.U., Northwestern, Carnegie-Mellon, NYU.

Jon attended Carnegie-Mellon University and was in a freshman class of 43 that graduated 27 students after the four-year intensive acting curriculum.

Jon worked intense after graduation as Malcolm in that Scottish play at The Pittsburgh Public Theater. Then Romeo in R & J in the inaugural season of The Three Rivers Shakespeare Festival. Regional, Stock and Off-Broadway, Off-Off Broadway.
Film, Television and Commercials Industrials and Voice overs.

17 years pounding the New York Theater and Film market thickened and resolved Jon to find a place in his hometown of Atlanta and raise a family. Jon is now established and working in the Atlanta Film, TV,Commercial, and Industrial Marketplace, as well as working in Equity shows all around the Southeast.

Jon has studied with several well-known acting coaches and has attended several prestigious actors' workshops.

 Coaches and Mentors

  • Anna Deviere-Smith
    Renowned Author/Director
    New York, New York
  • David Smuckler
    World-class vocal coach
  • Merry Conway
    World renowned Clown coach
    New York, NY
  • B.H. Barry Tony Award 2010           Stage Fight Director
  • Epee, Foil, Broadsword                     Pittsburgh, PA

  • Workshops
  • The Master Class   
  • Mike Pniewski George Wadkins
    Atlanta, Ga     
  • Don Slaton
  • Commercial Acting Workshop Atlanta, Ga  
  • Jackie Burch scene study 

     Atlanta, Ga. 

     Joey   Paul   Jensen   CSA  
     Casting Workshop   
 Clayton Landey    Scene Study for the working Actor     

     Gary Weeks Workshop for Acting
     Rob Mello Scene Study   
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